Building Foundations the Stachler Way

A foundation is something that lasts several lifetimes, paying attention to the small details and choosing the right contractor will ensure that your foundation is free of cracks and water. Stachler Concrete has high standards when taking on a new foundation project. Foundations are plumb, level, and no discoloration that shows a sign of weak concrete.

The average house was approximately 50 tons
The weight of an average foundation is around: 7.5 tons
The percentage of a foundation is usually around 8-15% of the total project cost
Material used for foundations are broken down like this 81% poured, 16% block, 3% other
Foundations in the Midwest are 75% full basement


Why Foundations Fail

Backfill – Foundations crack when colder temperatures cause freezing and expanding, an increased risk happens when soil is used that ha to much clay and organic materials that tend to hold water.
Not allowing the concrete to cure slowly and not reaching the proper strength of 3000 psi is another reason for foundation failures
Crushed stone must be properly compacted to to ensure the slab that is poured will not settle and crack
Cold Joints can cause a foundation to crack and leak. Cold joints are caused by not completing a form pour in one session. Stopping a pour and finishing the next day would result in fresh concrete and the previous days pour to have a cold joint.

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