Slab Foundations are large thick slabs of concrete that vary in size, usually 4 – 6 inches thick towards the center and is poured all at once and is directly on the ground. To allow for maximum strength around the perimeter the edges on a slab are thicker. In order to make the slab sturdy and handle the extreme weight of bearing a house or other structures it’s generally reinforced with rebar or post tension cables. Sand is utilized to improve drainage and act as a cushion for the slab that is poured on top of it.

This type of foundation does not have a basement or crawl space underneath it, the floor of the construction is built directly on top of the slab. Typically these types of foundations are found in warmer regions of the country, northern regions generally have a basement foundation because of the colder climates. Graded soil plays a very vital role when pouring a slab foundation, if ti is not properly graded it could sink or settle due to the soil conditions.


Slab Foundations Advantages

  • Less expensive due to eliminating larger areas such as as basements and crawl spaces that have utility costs associated with them ie. heating and air conditioning costs. Also the construction cost is less expensive because no floor joist and other materials are need in the construction process
  • Time, less time is need to pour a slab foundation compared to a full basement foundation. Generally a slab can be poured in one day. 4 days and the entire process can usually be complete.
  • No areas to heat and cool, utilities are lowered
  • Mold, mildew and rodents are not a big issue because of the lack of space under the slab for rodents or mold to form.
  • Slabs allow for a variety of finishes on the flooring, popular staining and scoring options are possible.

Slab Services

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